We were the first solar contractor in El Dorado County and we're still number one.

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Solar Contractor
We install Photovoltaic and thermosolar systems in all configurations and sizes.

We were the first solar contractor in El Dorado County, and we still lead the pack. We build and install large pole-mount and roof-mount solar arrays to insure a modest, fixed cost of electricity for your business or your home into the future. Oil based energy costs continue to rise and its related pollution is of growing concern. Both government and the public are starting to realize that we need a clean renewable source of energy. People can take advantage of State and especially Federal subsidies supporting solar energy installations.

Check our 'Why Solar?' section to learn more. Also check out our Portfolio pages to see examples of our work. See what an experienced solar contractor can do for you!

The photo above shows the underside of some custom-built carports that use solar panels over their entire roof area for a large commercial installation in Chico, Ca. This photovoltaic system furnishes most of the electricity needed to run this chrome manufacturing facility.

These systems are designed to last several decades and can pay back in as little as six years, thanks to the outstanding rebates, tax credits and depreciation offered on commercial projects. This is an unmatched opportunity for almost any shrewd business owner. Check the info under why solar.

The pole-mounted residential / commercial system above illustrates a good utilization of available sunlit space in a horse corral on a ranch in El Dorado County. This owner can take advantage of added tax incentives available for commercial systems because this system furnishes the power to run his business on the property.

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